Burnt and oiled oak, bronze and smelted quartz


height: 74cm / width: 38cm / depth: 38cm

Sometimes you’ve just got to go large…

The starting point for this lamp was the remarkable crystal ball that sits on top. Quartz chippings are smelted at phenomenal temperatures and cast into huge blocks that are then shaped into spheres, being carved and polished by hand. While they are amazing objects in themselves, they really come alive when lit, with all the tiny little bubbles and imperfections trapped within the material catching the light and giving it a fantastical, almost galaxyesque twinkle.

In contrast, the base is made from a large block of green oak, burnt and then wire brushed to bring out the amazing texture of the grain before finally being given several coats of white oil to further enhance it.

Patinated and rubbed cast bronze feet and push switch complete the piece and give it a subtly understated and luxurious feel.

The light is provided by 12v LEDs concealed under the ball and powered by a mains transformer.

£3,500 plus VAT


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